If you put your trust in Allah, be patient, and thank him for all His bounties, He will never let you down. Allah is the One who rewards the doers of good so be of them. He is the One who answers the dua of the caller when he calls so call out to Him. He is the One who says that in His remembrance lies rest for the distressed hearts so remember Him often. He is the One who grants success to the Muslims so submit yourself completely to Him. Do not be of those who remembers her Lord only when she’s in times of hardship. Be one who remembers her Lord at all times. In moments of ease and distress. Moments of happiness and sadness. In moments of poverty and wealth. It is easy to utter, but very difficult to implement so ask for strength for we all are weak servants of the All-Mighty. Have confidence in Allah’s plans for you and trust Him. We wish and ask, but accept that His plans are infinitely greater than ours.

رَّبَّنَا عَلَيْكَ تَوَكَّلْنَا وَإِلَيْكَ أَنَبْنَا وَإِلَيْكَ الْمَصِيرُ

Note to self (via alfirdaws)

The experience of Prophet Yunus `alayhi sallatu wa sallam (may Allah send his peace and blessings upon him) is so crucial to internalize. When he was trapped in the belly of the whale, he had only one way out: turning completely to Allah, realizing Allah’s oneness and his own human frailty. His du`a’ encapsulates this truth in such a profound way: “There is no God but You, glory be to You, I was wrong.” (Qur’an, 21:87)

Many of us are also trapped inside the belly of the whale of our own desires and objects of worship. It is our own selves which we become enslaved to. And that imprisonment is the result of putting anything where only God should be in our hearts. In so doing we create the worst and most painful of prisons; because while a worldly prison can only take away what is temporary and inherently imperfect, this spiritual prison takes away what is ultimate, unending and perfect: Allah and our relationship to Him.


  1. Knowledge that is not implemented
  2. An action that is empty of sincerity, and is not based on the correct example
  3. Wealth that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it during this life, nor obtains any reward for it in the Hereafter
  4. The heart that is empty of love and longing for Allāh, and…
See the beauty inside you not the beauty outside and you will find the contentment within your heart…

There’s always
story behind that smile.
And a history
behind that tears.

So many storm
trying to push you down.
So many people
Happy to see you crawl.

Doesn’t matter
how hard this life is.
The matter is
How you live in it.

To Allah you are
His beautiful creation.
Created weak
And full of needs.

Allah provide
what you need.
Allah forgive you
what you’ve sin.

He is Al-Razzaq
The Provider.
He is Al-Gaffar
The Forgiver…

I used to write the memories of you in my heart, so whenever I miss you I just cherish those memories of you.
If you surrounded with many fitnah what you will do continued with this company or avoid? its your choice. May Allah protect us and forgive us.Aameen


There are many sisters in Islam, who don’t know about this and uploading there pictures on net. This Request is not Only For Muslim Females, It’s For Every Religion believers, it’s for everyone.

what is your value? Sisters BEWARE: A serious threat for Girls!
Now, in today’s date most commonly pictures are being used:
• Prostitutes / Call Girls
• to promote Websites
• For Advertisement of Adult Websites
I Know these girls are not prostitutes, but they are listed…
Even Hijabi’s are also not Safe…

There are Few Websites Who Modify Nude pictures, put your face there and then they will label it as Hijabi/Niqabi “Prostitutes/­Call Girls”.
Now the Question is Do you want to get listed as Prostitutes / Call Girls ….?????

Do you want that thousand of peoples Watch your pictures and have lust full feelings???

There are many websites who use your pictures to Earn Money, Yes, they upload your pics, and then they display Add on those pages. Users visit to see your pics,and they earned money.

Remember Once your picture is Online, you can’t stop it Earning Bad Deeds in your account.

May Allah protect our Ummah,
Ameen Ya Rabbil Alimeen

Jazak’Allah Khair

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One of my close brother’s Uncle who lives in Sril Lanka suffering from cancer now brother and sisters in Islam I ask you all to keep him in your Dua’s…JazakAllah Khairan May Allah bless you all and accept all our duaa’s…Aameen

The 400 year old Quran.

The 400 year old Quran.


World Muslimah 2013, Miss Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola Is Crowned 

A Nigerian woman has been crowned Miss World Muslimah 2013.

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola was awarded the accolade at the third annual event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful," the 21-year-old told Agence France-Press on Wednesday.

"It was not really about competition," she added.

Ajibola, who wept and dropped to her knees while reciting verses from the Quran, was awarded with prize money of £1,365 and trips to Mecca and India.

The annual pageant, held exclusively for Muslim women, assesses not only the appearance of contestants, but also their piety and religious knowledge.

The contest saw participants from 20 countries take part, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Iran.

A single U.S finalist - Ainee Fatima from Chicago - withdrew from the competition on 13 September, citing her father’s ill health.

The pageant was held ahead the upcoming Miss World competition, which has drawn protests from hardline Indonesian Muslim groups.

It final had been due to be held in a venue near Jakarta, but will now take place in Bali. 



Omar Khadr, a sixteen year old Guantanamo Bay detainee weeps uncontrollably, clutching at his face and hair as he calls out for his mother to save him from his torment. “Ya Ummi, Ya Ummi (Oh Mother, Oh Mother),” he wails repeatedly, hauntingly with each breath he takes.

The surveillance tapes, released by Khadr’s defence, show him left alone in an interrogation room for a “break” after he tried complaining to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) officers about his poor health due to insufficient medical attention. Ignoring his complaints and trying to get him to make false confessions, the officers get frustrated with the sixteen year old’s tears and tell him to get himself together by the time they come back from their break.

“You don’t care about me. Nobody cares about me,” he sobs to them.

The tapes show how the officers manipulated Khadr into thinking that they were helping him because they were also Canadian and how they taunted him with the prospect of home (Canada), (good) food, and familial reunion.

Khadr, a Canadian, was taken into US custody at the age of fifteen, tortured and refused medical attention because he wouldn’t attest to being a member of Al Qaeda, even though he was shot three times in the chest and had shrapnel embedded in his eyes and right shoulder. As a result, Khadr’s left eye is now permanently blind, the vision in his right eye is deteriorating, he develops severe pain in his right shoulder when the temperature drops, and he suffers from extreme nightmares.

He has been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, suffering extremely harsh interrogations and torture (methods), and is now 25 years old.

27 now, and still imprisoned


I went to Cuma today at my normal spot. I wore my best clean clothes, I put on perfume, I made Wudu and that extra effort to walk to the Masjid so that I may gain the benefits of doing such.

I came a bit early, prayed, and read quran. When the time came for the Khutbah, the Khateeb was someone I…

Islam and health

"The basic principles of medicine are three: prevention, maintaining good health, and removing harmful substances from the body.

Allah has mentioned them all together, to His Prophet and his ummah in three places in His Book.

1) He prevented the sick person from using water lest it harm him, as He says:

“And if you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you comes after answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women (by sexual relations) and you find no water, perform Tayammum* with clean earth and rub therewith your faces and hands (Tayammum)”

(Qur’an, al-Nisa’ 4:43)

Allah allowed the sick person to do tayammum to protect him, just as He permitted it to the one who has no water.

2) Allah says concerning the maintenance of good health:

“and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number [of days which one did not observe Sawm (fasts) must be made up] from other days”

(Qur’an, al-Baqarah 2:185)

The traveller is allowed to break his fast during Ramadaan, to protect his health lest the combination of fasting and the difficulties of travel weakens him and affects his health.

3) And Allah said concerning the removal of harmful things by shaving the head of the person in ihraam** (for Hajj or ‘Umrah):

“And whosoever of you is ill or has an ailment in his scalp (necessitating shaving), he must pay a Fidyah (ransom) of either observing Sawm (fasts) (three days) or giving Sadaqah (charity — feeding six poor persons) or offering sacrifice (one sheep)”

(Qur’an, al-Baqarah 2:196)

So if a person has an ailment in his scalp when he is in ihraam, he is permitted to shave his head and remove the harmful thing or the bad substance that is causing lice to develop – as happened to Ka’b ibn ‘Ajrah – or if it is causing sickness to develop.

These three matters are the basic principles of medicine. We have mentioned an example of each one in order to point out the blessing of Allah to His slaves in preventing sickness, protecting their health and removing harmful substances from them, as a mercy and kindness towards His slaves, for He is the Most Kind, Most Merciful.

-Ibn al Qayyim, (Zaad al-Ma’aad, 1/164, 165)

*Tayammum: ritual ablution/purifying oneself for prayer using dry dust or rocks.

**Ihraam: entering a ritual state

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